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Jeep Wars [Old School]

Battlefield Heroes is a cartoon-style action video game developed by DICE initially—now developed by Easy Studios—and published by EA for Microsoft Windows. The game is less demanding on computer specifications than the previous games of the Battlefield series.


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Re: Jeep Wars [Old School]

Postby Ben » Fri Oct 24, 2014 11:03 pm

<20:49:17> "[Ben] Ben": leaving db k bye

<20:51:00> "[Boofhawk] Boofhawk": Hey Ruci i have finally come to thought i am leaving db becasue of bens lollypop he give me all the time. from calling me a hacker and getting his friends to make accounts and call me a hacker.( i did hop out the jeep) becasue he calls me a hacker every time he is on.

C'mon guys, it's jeep wars, unranked, we're playing just to have fun. Everyone else seems to not have noticed what was going on between the two of you as we were all laughing and having fun.

I don't take either of your resignations seriously, take a break for the weekend, take a few deep breaths and think about it.

If you don't get along together, maybe you both need to learn how to deal with each other. Unfortunately you're never going to get along with everyone in life but I get along with both of you fine which means you're both good guys in my opinion. If I get along with both of you, the two of you should actually get along together as well, maybe you are both too similar or haven't really taken the time to think about the other and why they may be reacting to you in the manner that they do.

I've had issues with clan members in the past and I've learnt to deal with it same as them and now we have a joke about it from time to time.
I'd be sad to see the both of you go but I'll leave it up to you to make the final decision.

I'm pretty sure I've never gotten anyone to make accounts and call you a hacker.


sorry i have tried to get along with ben, and he still acts like a total idiot to me sorry.

Im out

boof :F

Lel k. I'm a total idiot cause you decide to break the rules and ruin a jeep war for me. K whatever dude.
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Re: Jeep Wars [Old School]

Postby Rucifa » Sat Oct 25, 2014 7:56 am

Rucifa {L_WROTE}{L_COLON} take a break for the weekend, take a few deep breaths and think about

To everyone else who participated, thanks for some great fun.
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